Songs About… Public Radio Personalities

I spend roughly 7.5 hours per day listening to NPR. Our local affiliate here in Boston is WBUR – you can blame them for Tom Ashbrook.  NPR basically IS my life. Which is sad. Or awesome. Either way.

Today I was listening to something on (you should go there.) and I heard a pretty hilarious song about Soterios Johnson (he’s on WNYC). I got to thinking that there must be other people like me in the world with NPR fixations and an internet connection/penchent for writing quirky songs. By golly, I was right!

1. Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance

I don’t know anything about the artist, but given that it was damn near impossible to find a recording of this without people singing along loudly he must be some sort of internet phenomenon.

2.  Christopher Lydon

This is probably the most widely-known song about a public radio personality – or at least one from the Boston area.

3.  Ode To Terry Gross

Terry’s intro is better than mine… click

4. Ira Glass

And then there’s this.

Please tell me if you know of more…

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