Call Your Girlfriend

Things are changing rapidly, folks. Truth isn’t even “truth” anymore – it’s an “alternative fact“.

So what can we do?

Well, we can hold our elected officials accountable. Our Senators and Representatives are only in office because we give them that power.

Technically, they are supposed to listen to their constituents (us).

So, call them. You can find your Senator here

You can find your Representative here.

When you call, the following will happen:

  1. You will get a recording. Leave your name, place of residence (so they know that you are one of their constituents) and number. Lead with your topic (ex: The ACA). Be brief and concise.
  2. You will get a staffer, usually someone who is fresh out of college. They will take a message. This is very similar to leaving a message with a machine. They may sound frazzled. They may tell you about their boss’s position on your issue. Be polite to them. Again, be brief and concise. You are calling about your issue, this is how you would like your Senator or Representative to vote on the matter.
  3. On rare occasion you may actually reach your Senator or Representative. Again, be brief, concise, and polite. Tell them why your issue is important. Include personal details (ex: “The ACA has made it so I am able to afford the medication I need to survive. I no longer have to choose between my medication and groceries”).

In as clear and polite a tone as you can muster, tell the machine, the staffer, or your representative that this issue is important to you, and that you will not vote for them again if they continue to vote against you.

Here’s what 2018 looks like. Start working now.

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